"Marco’s eyes change when he’s working with his models. A kind of quiet expression takes over, quiet but intense, he becomes immersed in the work, and the work startlingly is you."

“Marco’s work, his philosophy, his whole purpose of being is to create a sculpture that reveals the core of the person in the moment. When he begins to work, revealing the shapes of the body in clay, you’d think that only the mechanics of their joints and muscles would emerge. Not so. He reveals gestures, tension and motion. The texture of the evolving sculpture reveals more and more of a core essence, the soul, and cradled in physical form. It feels like recognition.”

Ria Megnin, 6/14/07


Work In Progress: Blissdance, a 40 foot sculpture.
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"follow your bliss and doors will open where none existed"
Joseph Campbell

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